Spark Signal Boosters

Spark is one New Zealand’s major cell service providers and offers both cellular and fixed-line communication technologies. It is one of the largest companies in New Zealand with millions of customers all across the country. Spark offers frequency bands and unique technologies that are not provided by other operators. For instance, Spark uses the 850 MHz band to broadcast its WCDMA/UMTS-CDMA technology which is an advancement over the CDMA EV-DO technology used by some of the other mobile providers. In 2013, Spark gained the rights to operate on the 700 MHz frequency band which they claim will help them further develop their 4G network.  Spark broadcasts on 850 and 1800 MHz and we can provide single- or dual-band repeaters to fit your needs.

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The company works with the 700 MHz range which needs special signal boosters as the regular 900 MHz boosters do not work with the band. Our dedication to bringing out the best products for all of New Zealand has helped develop a unique product range that has full support of the 700 MHz frequency band. Besides the special 850 MHz band used by the company also calls for some specialized devices which we already manufacture. Read More