Spark Signal Boosters

Spark is one New Zealand’s major cell service providers and offers both cellular and fixed-line communication technologies. It is one of the largest companies in New Zealand with millions of customers all across the country. Spark offers frequency bands and unique technologies that are not provided by other operators. For instance, Spark uses the 850 MHz band to broadcast its WCDMA/UMTS-CDMA technology which is an advancement over the CDMA EV-DO technology used by some of the other mobile providers. Spark also broadcasts on 850, 1800, 2100 MHz and we can provide single-band, dual-band or tri-band repeaters to fit your needs.

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The 3G and 4G subscribers of Spark receive the 2100 MHz band in most areas which are supported by our signal boosters as well. You can get a single band booster that would only work with one part of the network or you can go for dual band and the like in order to get the benefit of all the various bands that are used by Spark. This would ensure proper compatibility and better reception for all your family members or colleagues in the office.Read More

If you are a Spark customer with any type of a phone including latest smartphones (visit  here for the latest smartphone comparison) you can rest assured that you have full support from the range of Spark signal booster that we manufacture. Our telecom signal booster has very simple installation procedures and you need as little as 15 minutes in order to install them at your home or your office. You do not need any special technical know-how to install the Spark booster and that is what makes them so attractive. In case you face any issues with the installation or the operation of the devices you can have us help you. We have a dedicated support system that operates 24/7 and is there to assist you at any time of the day.