900/1800 MHz

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No hotel owner wants to lose customers which eventually results in lower revenues. People working in the sphere of hospitality should especially be concerned with pleasing their customers and carrying out a fully customer-oriented policy. Despite being, at first sight, a minute issue, the good cell signal at your hotel is in fact much more important because your customers might miss important calls which will leave them unsatisfied with your service. However, if you set up a signal booster at your hotel, which is essentially a matter of 15-30 minutes, all the above-mentioned issues will be solved right away. Regardless of the size of your hotel, be it a small or large reaching up to 1500 sq. m. we have all the compatible boosters that will meet all your needs and demands. The customer-oriented policy refers not only to hotels, but also such hospitality places as restaurants, cafes where customers come to have a nice time and they don’t want to stumble upon problems like a low-quality network connection.Read More