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Proper connectivity at an office is crucial, as weak signal could mean lost opportunities and frustrated clients, and could undermine the reputation and potential revenue of your business. Our boosters are an efficient and hassle-free way to ensure your office stays connected, so you can focus on more important things. We can provide boosters to increase 2G, 3G, or 4G signal for all major NZ networks, and have models suitable for everything from a small office to a warehouse or production yard.  If your office contains a mix of people on different networks, we can provide dual- and multi-band boosters to keep everyone happy.

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    Another issue that comes from having weak signal at the office is lower employee satisfaction. No employee wishes to work at a place where he or she would not be able to receive calls from their spouse or family and friends. This could be a serious restriction of their freedom to say the least.

    Whether you have a proper office room or you are looking to boost the mobile signal in your warehouse or the site of production line and the like you can install a signal booster to make sure that there is proper coverage. Once a signal booster is installed and is operable you would notice an instant 5-bar signal in all the mobile devices connected in the region and an instant drop in levels of missed and disconnected calls due to poor signal. A proper connectivity means good business opportunities and higher employee satisfaction. We have the perfect set of signal booster products and accessories to make sure that you face no issues in installing and operating the booster. When looking for an office cell phone booster NZ keep a few things in mind. Go for a booster that supports all the various bands that you and your employees use. If your employees are using any of the major mobile service providers in New Zealand we have a product that would solve all their issues. You have to make the decision on whether you wish to boost only the 2G or also the 3G and 4G signal bands for your office. Once decided pick the product and it will be a “smooth sail” from there. If you face any issues in installing the product you can take our help. We have a 24×7 support helpline that is always willing to assist you.

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