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Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry. We know you work hard to make sure your guests have an enjoyable stay, so don’t let weak cell signal bring you down. Avoid poor reviews from customers who missed important personal or work calls by installing a mobile signal booster. We stock a range of high-strength, easy to install, universal amplifiers which can boost signal from all the major carriers, and keep your guests connected no matter what floor or network they are on.

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    One such important problem is that of low mobile signal coverage. When customers do not get proper connectivity in the hotel rooms the overall experience is seriously damaged. People prefer to take important calls from work and home when they are staying at a hotel and a good place of accommodation does not have connectivity issues.   Read More

    The same holds for other establishments such as cafes restaurants night clubs and the like. People prefer to be connected and if the establishment is located in an area where there is very poor connectivity the overall experience of the patrons is not good. But this is not something that is totally out of the hands of the management. Weak mobile signal is an issue that can be solved without much hassle. We are here to help you with this to resolve cell phone signal booster issues . We develop highly capable mobile signal boosters that have been helping numerous clients who have trusted us over the years of our operation.

    A good mobile signal booster can make sure that customer satisfaction is not hampered due to low mobile signals. The boosters literally “boost” the mobile signals for the benefit of the people present in the area that is covered by the booster. All you need to do is setup the boosters at a proper point in the establishment and turn it on and the patrons can enjoy the perfect 5-bar signals thus ensuring better approval rates. Installing a hotel cell phone booster NZ is a very simple task. You only need 15 minutes to set it up and get the benefits. If you face any issues with the installation our 24×7 support is ready to assist you. You just have to make sure that all the various patrons that come at your place get their respective frequency bands boosted. We recommend universal boosters for hotels and restaurants to make sure that no clients are left out. We have a range of products that are perfectly tuned for use at such establishments and they work perfectly with all major carriers in New Zealand.