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We understand that poor connectivity around the home can be very frustrating. Staying connected is an important part of modern life, so frequent missed or dropped calls are a headache you can do without. Poor connectivity occurs when your mobile carrier has insufficient coverage in your area, and can have serious consequences when it causes you to miss urgent or important calls. On a day to day basis, poor connectivity can affect your social life, cutting you off from friends and family and can be particularly problematic if you work from home.  Our boosters are safe, affordable, and can boost signal around your home, be it big or small. With boosters compatible with all the major NZ carriers, we can get you connected again.

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    The issue that comes in your home is due to the fact that the mobile service providers do not have proper connectivity in your area or the signal tower is far from your home altogether. This gives weak signal at your place and your mobile phones have trouble receiving such weak signals. You can use a mobile phone signal booster NZ to help solve this issue. The signal booster picks up the weak signals with a high gain outdoor antenna conveys this signal to the indoor booster and emits high quality signal for your benefit.Read More

    Whether you live in an apartment or have a big farmhouse or anything in between we have you covered. With our wide range of home cell phone booster NZ products that are specifically aimed at home and office users we can make sure that you do not face any issues with the mobile phone connectivity. In order to make sure that you face absolutely no issues with the installation and operation we have perfectly suited accessories that would help you ensure that your home is properly covered under the signal booster area.

    If you are concerned about the health effect of the signal booster over your family you can rest assured as signal boosters have been proved to be not harmful and in fact a mobile phone with weak signal can be worse for your family’s health as the mobile phones are designed to ramp up their radio receivers and they emit more waves at a close range to your family. Getting the perfect signal booster would solve all the low signal woes and you can concentrate on living happily and doing other things except for worrying about low signals.