Car Cell Phone Boosters

If you’ve ever had a flat tyre, you know how important it is to be connected on the road. Cell towers are preferentially placed to service areas with higher population densities, such as towns and cities. Outside of these areas, however, service can be patchy. Our boosters run off your car battery, so you can take your cell phone reception with you. Whether you’re off to the beach in the family car, driving a 6-wheeler between cities, or heading down the farm on a tractor, we can make sure you stay connected.

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Have you ever felt the need to make all the important phone calls before leaving your home or office just because you are sure to experience call drops while you are in your car? You must have noticed wildly varying cellular signals while driving your car as the mobile phone rapidly changes connection from one tower to another. That is a very commonplace phenomenon and most people experience this issue. This is because the cellular service providers do not focus on roads where there are very few permanent subscribers. And your car is “left-out” of the signal focus. Read More